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We Will Be Hosting Our Elders To Celebrate Them, Reconnect With Lost Values – Erogbogbo, IKODASS Chairman

Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo, Chairman, Ikorodu – Oga Development Association (IKODASS) speaking during the ‘Time – Out with Octogenarians’ in Ikorodu on Saturday.

Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo, Chairman of the Ikorodu – Oga Development Association (IKODASS), has stated that the need to reconnect with the lost societal values, tradition, and culture is the major reason for the introduction of the monthly ‘Time – Out with Octogenarians’ in Ikorodu by his leadership.

The programme, which is the initiative of IKODASS, commenced on Saturday, June 20. 2021, and is being powered by the EROZ Place, a Bar and Wellness Centre located on Borokinni Street, Aga, Ikorodu.

At the gathering, the 30 elders that were strategically selected were given a medical checkups and also received lecture on wellness and dietary as well as engaged in indoor games like Ayo and Draught.

Meanwhile, Mr Erogbogbo, speaking at the gathering, assured that the programme will be a continuous event that will be used in celebrating the senior citizens in the society to reconnect with them and use them in reconnecting with values which are fast going into oblivion, a situation that is causing serious moral decay.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate our senior citizens from 80 years and above. It is a deliberate attempt to take care of our fathers and mothers because most of their children are outside the country while those living around are far away”, he said.

A medical officer attending to Chief Adaraloye during the event at the EROZ Place on Saturday. With them is Erelu Banmosu.

“We feel the need to bring them together to reconnect and also to use them in reconnecting with the lost societal values.

“It is also important for us to bring them together and engage them on diet and healthy living tips.

He said that the gathering would not be a one – off but will be holding every month or bi – monthly to engage senior citizens in bringing back the values that existed in the society while they were growing up.

“This will not be a one – off thing but a continuous gathering.

“The disconnect that we are experiencing today is because we have departed from our roots and we need our elders to help us reconnect with them. We must go back to them”, Erogbogbo emphasized.

“We gathered here today to show that we care for and love our elders. We believe that they still have so much to give us.

“Most of our young ones have lost their values entirely and that is why we are facing several anomalies and disruptions in the society.

“IKODASS will take up the responsibilities of taking care of our elders. Aside gathering them here from time – to – time, we will also be visiting you to ascertain how you are doing and also do a follow up on medical examinations that we carried out today as well as the dietary and wellness advices given to you”, he added.

While further reassuring that the gathering would be a continuous exercise, Erogbogbo said:

“This is a set of 30 elders that we are hosting for the maiden edition this month. We are going to gather another set next month to also interact and engage them.

Mrs Tosan Erogbogbo speaking on wellness at the ‘Time – Out with Octogenarians’ in Ikorodu.

“We are also planning on taking them out of Ikorodu for further activities”, he added.

The wife of the IKODASS Chairman, Mrs Tosan Erogbogbo who is a Wellness facilitator and farmer and the lead speaker at the gathering, spoke about the importance of complete wellness and diet for the senior citizens.

Her session was effectively interpreted in impeccable and undiluted Ijebu dialect by Chief Gbenga Dosumu, the anchor of the event and a radio presenter.

Mrs Erogbogbo stated that wellness is a complete mental, physical, psychological and good health of an individual, adding that a senior citizen with complete wellness has the opportunity of slowing down ageing.

She also charged the senior citizens to slowly engage in exercise to make them active, rather than sitting down always which she said is detrimental to their wellness.

Chief Adaraloye, the Oponuwa of Ikorodu Kingdom (middle), Erelu Banmosu (4th left), Pa Odofin (3rd right), Imam Abiodun (right) and other senior citizens at the ‘Time – Out with Octogenarians’ in Ikorodu organised by IKODASS.

“It is better to move slowly than sitting down always. Engaging in lifting of small objects and walking round help in boosting your immunity”, she strongly advised.

“Carrying small objects and standing up to pick things yourself instead of sending someone at all times will help you to be active, live longer and healthy.

The Wellness facilitator also urged the senior citizens to check their intake of Carbohydrate food such as Eba, Fufu and White rice, because of their age.

“You should eat more of fibre which helps in boosting your immunity and assists you in going to the toilet. Take more of Quacker Oath, Wheat, Jero, Igba (garden egg) among others. These are high fibre foods”, she said.

“Also, take more protein food like beans and moinmoin.

“Also, ensure that you use tiger nuts in place of processed milk for your wheat. It is an immune booster”, she said.

She also charged them to take enough water daily, especially early in the morning, and reduce the water intake around 7.00am.

“Another thing that you must avoid is stress. You must reduce your stress and whenever you are stressed, ensure that you go back to bed to rest. Rest is a major part of wellness”.

The Speaker also said that it is important that the senior citizens have somebody supporting and watching over them at all times.

Mrs Erogbogbo conclusively charged the senior citizens at the gathering to engage in constant medical checkups for quick discovery of health challenges and solutions.

Alhaji Kola Akinsanya speaking on Safety during the ‘Time – Out with Octogenarians’ in Ikorodu on Saturday.

She added that they should have a particular doctor or health professional that will be handling their cases at their age.

A retired senior police officer and former acting DPO, lkorodu Divisional Police Headquarters, Alhaji Kola Akinsanya, spoke on safety for the elders and the society at large.

The retired police officer, who is also a safety ambassador, advised the senior citizens to always consider safety first while also urging every member of the society to be lifesavers.

He also charged them to be mindful of the situation around them so as not to be a victim of kidnapping.

In addition, Akinsanya said that elders in the society must do everything to ensure that they do not employ criminals as house-help and tenants.

Otunba David Ekiyoyo and other senior citizens at the gathering organised by IKODASS.

Among the senior citizens at the event were ChiefJacob Adaraloye, the Oponuwa of Ikorodu, Erelu Banmosu (96 year-old), Alhaja Taofeekat Allison, Iyaloja-General of Ikorodu division (84 year- old), Otunba David Ekiyoyo, former Chairman, IKODASS ( 84 year-old), Alhaja Arowolo (82 year –old), Alhaja Obalereko (80 year – old), Mr Sule Balogun Olosan (80 year –old) and Imam Abiodun.

Adedeji Fatuga (Deejay Fatuga) supplied good old traditional (Apala), juju and highlife songs which senior citizens at the event.

Speaking on the IKODASS initiative, Otunba David Ekiyoyo, a former Chairman of IKODASS, said that he is happy that the programme that started during his administration has been sustained by succeeding administrations.

“The program has been on for a long time starting from when I was the chairman of IKODASS .l was one of those that started it between 2005 to 2010 and I am happy that we are bringing it back.

“We started with people that are over 70 years and when we saw that they are getting older, we changed the age to 80 years and above.

“This is good to keep elders fit and afford them the opportunity to know what is going on in the community. I thank the current chairman for sustaining it and they must go on with it because it is very good”, he charged.

“That is what the lecturer has been telling us because many elderly people do not have the opportunity to go out. But today at this event, they will be seeing some people that they have not seen for the past 5 years or more.

Alhaja Taofeekat Allison, the Iya Oloja of Ikorodu Division, commended IKODASS Chairman and its entire team for the laudable programme and also charged them to sustain it.

Alhaja Alison and other senior citizens.

Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo and other IKODASS executives and Chief Gbenga Dosunmu (Eweso), the event anchor singing the IKODASS anthem during the event.


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