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We Are Raising Population Of Youths That Are Not Polluted, Nurture Them To Greatness – Erogbogbo, IKODASS Chairman

The Chairman of the socio–cultural and developmental body, the Ikorodu – Oga Development Association (IKODASS), Mr Akeem Rotimi Erogbogbo, has reiterated that youths have been the focus of the association’s agenda under his leadership since assumption of office about three months ago.

He said that the intention of his administration is to assist society in raising and developing a new generation of youths who are going to be exposed to developmental activities and support them to greatness.

Erogbogbo revealed this while addressing about 100 athletes during the accreditation for the participation in the maiden edition of the IKODASS Indoor Games Youth Championship in Ikorodu which will fully commence on Tuesday at the Ita – Elewa Youth/Sports Centre, Ikorodu.

About 100 participants will be competing in four games – Chess, Scrabble, Table Tennis and Snooker.

The EROZ Place, located at Borokinni Street, Aga, Ikorodu, will also be hosting one of the games.

“The intention is to raise and develop talents for national and international competitions and we are starting with young boys and females that are not yet corrupt”, Erogbogbo said.

“That is why most of our programmes, since resuming office, are centred around youth development. You are our focus”, he added.

“We are interested in you and we are not joking about it at all. It is our duty as a community to help you develop and discover yourselves in positive ways because this is how we can assist your growth and development in ways that will be of great benefit to yourself, your families and the community at large.

“We are trying to raise a generation that is not yet polluted, nurture, train and develop them into greatness”, Erogbogbo emphasized.

“Our interest in you definitely goes beyond this competition because we are also creating a database for our young people that are into this game. We will be sponsoring and recommending you for competitions at the state, national and international levels”.

He said that other games are equally important and fetch more money than football while encouraging them to focus on the games that they have chosen alongside their academics.

“Football is not the only game in the world and you all cannot be footballers. The number one Chess player in Nigeria is a resident of Ikorodu and you all can be top players in your chosen games.

“There are many other games that are fetching big money than football and that’s part of the reasons we are organizing and focusing on indoor games which you can easily combine with your studies”, he added.

The lKODASS Chairman thanked parents, teachers, and coaches for supporting their children and wards in engaging in games.

“I want to thank parents for finding time to bring their children down for the accreditation and for allowing them to be registered for this competition.

“I also want to thank your teachers and coaches especially for finding time to train and develop you academically and game-wise. I thank you”, Erogbogbo said.

Mr Erogbogbo also assured participants and parents that the Championship will be organized from time – to – time to engage interested youths.

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