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Obasanjo Celebrates with the Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom 6th Aniversary in Office

Celebrating 6years in the office of the Ayogburen of Ikorodu kingdom has been a great time in ikorodu. Honoring the king was the visitation of the formal president of the Republic of Nigeria His Excellency Olusegun Mathew Aremu Obasanjo. His presence was highly honored and appreciated. It was a great time with the king, In attendance were prominent leaders and chiefs/Bale’s on ikorodu, Ikodass chairman, Agba Akin Of Ikorodu Kingdom, and many respected leaders in the government, etc.

He gave two different speeches first was his welcoming speech and the second, was in attending to questions that where been asked. Which were to address national issues and also plans for the development of ikorodu.

He said when he came back from abroad in 1959, he started coming to ikorodu in 1963 and 1967, he was close to many prominent men of Ikorodu like the T. O.S Benson, etc he will not just say he knows Ikorodu but he is qualified to be an indigene of Ikorodu. He knew how ikorodu was then, but the Ikorodu of today is amazing to compare to then.

He said he came to ikorodu today for three reasons:.

  1. To celebrate with the king,
  2. He has promised too many times of coming but today he dint want to fail his promise and
  3. He came to assure the king and the people of Ikorodu that the ikorodu brick factory will be restored and put back to work again,  he promises to give Al the support within his reach to support the leadership and development of ikorodu,

He but his greatest concern is the insecurity in the nation, he said he got a report of his PAkulled by am on the known gun a day before and another death sometime back,  he said the present government has done it’s best we all need to do our part, encourage 3veryone to support the government

He said all Fulani are not bad, all Yoruba is not bad, or all other tribes are not bad we must learn to not condemn ourselves but to pray and work for the betterment of our country

Oba shotobi gave a short speech by really expressing his gratitude to the coming of his excellency past president of Nigeria

He said he looks forward to the project of the brick factory, it will create more jobs and development to ikorodu, he pleads with all present to give all their support to Nigeria so Nigeria can rise again,

The Chairman of Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS), Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo, his wife and other members of the Association were present to warmly receive the Former President.

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