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Changing the narrative as it will be for the New Ikodass chairman was the order of the day, Ceremony like never before as Ikodass awards Its Ambassadors, none indigenous of ikorodu. On the 29th of August 2021, Ikorodu Oga Development Association hosted the investiture ceremony of IKODASS Ambassadors.
The 9 recipients of this award are not indigenes of Ikorodu but have spent most of their lives here, own businesses worth billions of naira here and are also friends of Ikorodu.
They are our pioneers for IKODASS Ambassadors, They have all been good Ambassadors of Ikorodu before now and we are further challenging them to do more, hence, the award. We are extremely thankful to our Pioneers: Hon Oluwatoyin Suarau, TPL Dr. Idris Salako, Hon Alabi Kolade-David, Princess Semiat Abolanle Bada, Mr. Ayodeji BabaTunde Iginla, Mr. Akpevwe Batare Akpomekero, Mrs. Jadesola Otunbanjo, Mr. Tunde Adigun, Mr. Olayiwola Adedoyin Giwa for the wholeheartedly receiving our honor, we know and believe you will do more for Ikorodu.
To his Royal Majesty, Ayangburen of Ikorodu, Oba Kabir Adewale Sotobi, Chairman of the occasion, Otunba Ayodele Elesho, Immediate past Chairman of IKODASS, Otunba Ganiu Abiru, Asipa Kaoli Olusanya, Prof Bawala, and every other person that graced the investiture ceremony, we say a huge thank you.
Ajuse o…


PROTOCOLS Distinguished ladies and gentlemen. Ikorodu-Oga Development Association, IKODASS, came into existence in 1991 with the core aim of galvanizing the development of Ikorodu. About 106 days ago we were elected into office to steer the ship of the association. Our first challenge was to articulate a clear path to achieving the purpose of IKODASS in this age and time. That process resulted in the Executive Vision document of this administration which is encapsulated in the singular focus: changing the narrative. The narrative of Ikorodu being the backwaters of Lagos State, the land of insecurity, ritualism, cultism and crime needs to change. This change can only come through tangible positive actions that will counter the aforesaid perspective held by many hitherto. More than that, there is a dire need to critically engage the segment of our society most responsible for the negative perception – our youths. It should therefore not surprise anyone that a good proportion of our programmes like Ikorodu Through Your Lens, Ikorodu Literary Initiative, various sports competitions to mention but a few are all targeted at youths. Mindful that no community is hundred percent self-sufficient, we recognize the significant contributions of non-indigenes to the continued development and evolution of Ikorodu. Ikorodu has never shied from taking the lead or welcoming visitors. The event of today where non-indigenes are appointed Ambassadors of a community is unique in every sense. As you prosper and grow in the land, prosper and grow the land. If you seek a testimony to the hospitality and accommodating nature of Ikorodu, look no further than this gathering. Look no further than these distinguished men and women who came to Ikorodu, tasted Ikorodu and formed a lasting bond with Ikorodu despite not being indigenes. Look no further than some of these men and women who merely met some of our sons and daughters and straight away took them under their wings. Some of them are the pillars behind the success of our sons and daughters in various fields of endeavor in far-flung lands. Some of these men and women we are gathered to honour here today have businesses running into hundreds of millions of naira in Ikorodu. Through these businesses, they provide employment and livelihoods to our sons and daughters. My dear Ambassadors designate of IKODASS, we count you among the friends of Ikorodu because through your actions you have proven yourselves so. On behalf of Kabiyesi, the executive council of IKODASS and the over 300 cubs and associations that constitute Ikorodu-Oga Development Association, I say thank you for all you do for Ikorodu. Like we all know, success begets success and the reward for a good job done is more work. I therefore appeal to each and every one of you by saying, when you were not an Ambassador of IKODASS, you did so much for Ikorodu, now that you are an official Ambassador, join hands with IKODASS to do so much more. Feel free to adopt and sponsor any of our projects. Together we can do so much more to accelerate the development of the land and the human capital in Ikorodu. Being in the saddle for these one hundred days or thereabout has fully underscored the enormity of the task at hand for me. Whatever we have achieved so far, truth is, the journey ahead is far more. IKODASS has become the go-to organization for all citizens’ challenges in Ikorodu. We well intend to rise up to the challenge because it is a vote of confidence and a token of appreciation of the little we have done so far as well as a manifestation of greater expectations. We cannot afford to let the people down. I cannot afford to let you, my dear friends, down. I call on all friends of Ikorodu to stand by us in this our hour of need. I call on you, my friends, to stand by me. You have stood by Ikorodu in times past, stand by us now. You have stood by me in times past, stand by me now so we can trudge on; so I can make you proud. The narrative around Ikorodu needs to change. Help us change it through your financial support and the mobilization of sponsorships, partnerships, and goodwill from your spheres of influence for this administration of IKODASS that I have been elected to superintend. Thank you and God richly bless you is my prayer. Idagbasoke ilu Ikorodu, ajuse. Long live Ikorodu!

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