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Prostate, Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Exercise (Free)

The cancer screening center is a bold and unique attempt to contribute our quota towards tackling the scourge of cancer and its attendant mortality and morbidity in Ikorodu Lagos and Nigeria as Whole.  In the past few years, our cancer screening center has embarked upon an aggressive public enlightenment, to educate the masses on the early signs of cancer, especially Breast, Cervical and prostate cancer. We recognize, that funding and access are key problems especially for Nigerians living in the rural areas and communities. Consequently, our Cancer Center organises seminars and training programs on a mainly Humanitarian basis. Most of our trainings and programs include free Breast Cancer screening, including CBE, Safe Breast practices, Cervical Pap smears and Prostate screening. We are gradually increasing our scope to include Colon cancer.  The Cancer Screening Center provides free Resource persons to assist other NGO’s and Government agencies at State and National Levels with similar objectives, including Free Train the Trainers Program (TTP). Our Cancer Screening Center is headed by Ikodass – Ikorodu Oga in conjunction with Optimal Cancer Foundation & LATE HON. ALH. S. O. AROWOLO (SHANGOWEWE) FOUNDATION. This is a non-governmental organization with a focus on reducing the burden of cancer in ikorodu Lagos and Nigeria as a Whole, through advocacy, public enlightenment, capacity building and manpower development and provision of screening facilities to even the remote locations in Ikorodu Lagos.

according to who Cancer is responsible for more deaths than all deaths due to HIV/AIDS.

Undertakes screening and diagnosis of cancers such as Breast, cervical and prostate for individuals in Ikorodu

  Public awareness and enlightenment in collaboration with BWS

  Training and capacity building for BWS advocates

   Free counseling on risk factors, social and demographic components, life style changes, diagnostic and treatment options for symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals

   24 hour help-desk for individuals with Cancer

   Co-ordinating the BWS cancer Management Roundtable ( BWS-CMR)

   Organizes free seminars on best breast practices including BSE, CBE, Mammogram

   Research and data-bank management on cancer and related issues.

   Collaborations with other NGO’s, government agencies and philanthropic individuals towards tackling cancer burden in ikorodu and Nigeria as a whole.

  • Population based, mass screening exercises
  • Assists individuals to access best medicare within Nigeria as well as other countries like South Africa, India and USA.

BWS KEY STATEMENT: Though it is common knowledge in developed nations that early detection of cancer through regular medical checks will increase the chances of survival, in Nigeria, more than 83-87% of cancer patients present late.


According to WHO, cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and the total number of cases globally is increasing. Cancer is responsible for more deaths than all deaths due to HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria combined.
In Nigeria (specifically for Breast cancer), over 80% of predicted global deaths from breast Ca will occur in Africa (500,000 new cases annually). In Nigeria, incidence is between 7-10,000 new cases annually. Breast cancer affects a younger and more productive age group in Nigeria (25-35yrs , 35-45yrs).
OUR TARGET: The advocacy by BWS is meant to tackle the issues bordering on

-Low awareness level

-No knowledge of Ca in general

-Fear and denial

-Superstition and cultural bias

-Wrong interpretation and understanding of signs and symptoms

-Accepting suggestions from unqualified persons


-Fear of stigmatization and abandonment by spouse

-Loss of follow-up

-Lack of screening tools at community levels

-Low index of suspicion by some healthcare providers in rural settings


What is mammogram

Mammograms are used as a screening tool to detect early breast cancer in women who have no symptoms and to diagnose breast disease in women experiencing symptoms such as pain, lump, nipple discharge.

Who needs it?

We recommend African women over 35years to get a mammogram. Women in their 20s and 30s should have clinical breast exanination CBE as part of a periodic (regular)health examination by a professional preferably every 3years.Those with symptoms are also recommended to do breast ultrasound (sono mammogram).

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